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CABREAGUI Men’s Health/Beauty Brand By JM Cabreagui

JM Cabreagui is revolutionizing the MEN’S beauty industry with his Men’s care product line Made from a vegan formula free of harsh chemicals such as Paraben and Sulfate, Cabreagui products are made to inspire a sophisticated lifestyle. All products are made with natural ingredients such as Sage, Thyme , Lime , Orange , Mynt & Cucumber to count some of the ingredients in each CABREAGUI Product

His list of products include Beard Wax, Aftershave, Body Lotions, Beard Balm, Shower Gel & Pomade, Cabreagui even offers a product that contains 4-in-1 which can be used as shampoo, shower lotion, Shaving Gel

There is nothing to wrong with wanting to look good and feel good, Society currently accepts anything that is trendy without even reading the labels, Cabreagui strives to provide a natural/vegan product that will leave you feeling great as well as looking good!

Photography By: Oscar Ponce
Make up: Tiffany Marianna

JM Cabreagui was born in Venezuela and His parents are from Tenerife. JM states that the U.S was the land of the dreams and he as a child always dreamt of the idea of moving to the U.S. He wanted to experience and discover a new culture, a new language and a new dream!

JM knew it was a tough decision but deep inside he knew it was right thing to do specially with everything that was and is still going on in his home country ( Venezuela )

We asked JM a couple of questions about his beauty products for men and the inspiration behind it, below is our Q&A with JM Cabreagui

  1. JM How did you get your idea/concept for your business line ? I got my vision by an organic process, I always knew I wanted to be a designer wether it would be for clothing, jewelry, scents furniture I was determined to be the designer of my own product. I decided to start with my own personal men’s beauty care in a sophisticated way giving costumers an elegant look to anyone room and vanity
  2. What is your mission and vision ? My mission is to inspire the world to discover and experience a sophisticated lifestyle Vision, and to bring all the people to a point where we complement by being a platform for each other
  3. What are you doing to advertise your products? I do not advertise directly, i just expose the life style i project, which is the freedom to look good!
  4. To what do you attribute your success ? Success for me is living my purpose, i am very blessed and i thank god everyday for allowing me to use my talents to create anything i want to
  5. What is your company goals? To be a platform for others so they can relate and start what they dream of , I create ideas and trends that inspire others
  6. What is unique about your products? Cabreagui is a men’s care line that has the word of God imprinted, to spread around the world attach to my lifestyle which is what creates my products uniqueness
  7. What made you chose this type of business ? It was directly related to my nature, fashion and transformation. I love to change and discover new things for the better, coming with new trends, trying exiting trends and help others feel good with change and of course to make people feel better
  8. If you could give one advice to someone starting their own business, what would the advice be ? Go to the mirror, see yourself eye to eye and answer to yourself what that burning desire is, then go and start it
  9. Tell me about a time you messed up in the business and how did you resolve it ? In the process of life and business I’ve messed up too many times, for any of them i apply the same rule, which is check what i did, re arrange and move on!
  10. How did you make your first sale ? It started with my circle, i sent a WhatsApp message to my contacts informing my friends and family about my new line which was coming out next month, i offered them a special price for a full set and friends and colleges started being my first costumers and then the word spread and here we are today
Photography By: Oscar Ponce
Make up: Tiffany Marianna
  1. What habits helped you be successful ? Knowing that no matter what happened along the way of my dreams and trials, i should remain faithful, focus and determined that i will make it thru
  2. How do you distinguish yourself from your competitors ? I compete with myself because I know what I want so I just work on bettering myself every single day. I don’t see anyone as my competitors because That will take me out of focus, I am who i am, and we all have unique purpose we each bring to the table
  3. How do you test your assumptions ? By trying them out, no other way!
  4. Explain yourself in one word VISIONARY
  5. What is your decision making process ? The first thing that happens to me is I get a pop up though on my mind sometimes even in 3D, then I write it or draw it then I pray to god for confirmation, then make the call, bring it to life and start adjusting till is real
  6. 5 years from now where do you see yourself ? Still in the Entertainment Business, Acting, Fashion, Art, Music, Designing and reaching out to Kids & Women Market
  7. Are you using or going to use Social media influencers ? I will never use anyone, they are business partners and we complement our path to create and expand our calling
  8. Do you handle your own advertising ? Me and a team, I work with friends, designers, creative and professionals in different areas that trust me and back me up every time I call them, I’m BLESSED to have such a good team
  9. What has been the biggest sacrifice you have made to start your venture? Starting up without a business plan, no loaner, no investors, just a few hundred bucks on my hand
  10. Is Miami ( your current home ) a good market place for your products? I think Miami and pretty much any city in the world is good for anything, as long as you are passionate about what you are doing, trust yourself and work! Because there is truly no limit

JM Cabreagui products are available on his site for the world to see, go to www.cabreagui.com to see all the products he has to offer ( p.s free shipping to the U.S.A & Canada! )

www.cabreagui.com / @Cabreaguimen Follow him for more

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