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Dealing With Post-Hurricane Damage

The first step towards storm recovery is to call your insurance provider. Have property images/videos readily available to demonstrate property damages. Be aware of your owed insurance deductibles – in most cases, a deductible ranges between 2 and 10 percent of your insurance value.   You are responsible for paying your deductible in full.

Begin making temporary repairs to avoid further damages in case strong winds and heavy rains threaten your area. If you purchase anything related to repair, make sure you keep all receipts before a permanent evaluation by the insurance provider has been conducted. Do not dispose of damaged contents until you get your insurer’s authorization.

Do not sign any documentation from contractors before you have discussed details with your insurance provider. Stay patient. Insurance providers usually start with the worst-hit properties. However, numerous adjusters are authorized to issue checks on the spot.

It is important to contact a qualified lawyer with insurance claims experience in order to benefit maximally from your insurance coverage.


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