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‘FrontRow’ Wearable Lets You Record Your Life—No Phone Required

Ubiquiti Labs has just introduced FrontRow, a wearable tech device designed to make users more “present” when communicating or sharing life moments. The technology company is hoping to eliminate the distraction of staring at a cellphone or tablet screen, and hopes FrontRow will catch on as a portable, easy-to-use alternative.

FrontRow is a new wearable camera that allows users to capture and share without having to concentrate on phone or tablet operation. The hands-free device looks a bit like a pocket watch, but it’s actually a 2-inch circular display with cameras on the front and back.

Easily controlled by a power and media button, users can simply press the media button to start or stop recording. FrontRow is also able to capture photographs thanks to a 140-degree back lens.

The new wearable runs Android, which means it supports a number of live-streaming apps. However, with built-in Story Mode, users might not need those apps since the unique feature automatically captures images every few seconds from the user’s day. An interesting idea, the feature presents the possibility of an un-self-conscious montage or collage, uniquely representative and authentic.

In addition to the neck cord, FrontRow plans to introduce a coil mount and a car window mount. The new wearable is available now for $400.

Courtesy of American Luxury

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