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Immigrants brave THE BEAST as Mexico cracks down under US pressure

The beast has taken off, not flying but by rail. 

You might be wondering what is this beast we are describing, believe it or not its actually a train.  What’s special about this train? Well when Mexican immigrants make their way north towards border they have options of how to get there and the beast is one of them, however the ways towards the border are usually not safe specially for kids and young adults

La bestia isn’t a killer or a train towards doom YET this train has claimed many life’s since people have fallen beneath its wheels as they get on it illegally while its moving. Why wouldn’t they just drive OR take a bus? well with the amount of poverty and clash with gangs, this journey is not as easy as you might think it is, people have to hide, sneak out, lie and even sell themselves sexually in order to guarantee themselves and their family a new future 

the way to the border wasn’t as tough as it is today, but don’t think it was all pretty it was still “ a mission “ like some would say. Since trump started his presidency it is reported that the border reception is less welcoming than what it was before but here at Kravits and Guerra Law we believe its understandable for trump to have done this drastic change, why? Well Mexico president Almo said he no longer wanted to do Americas dirty work which no one truly understood what that meant which is interesting given the fact that days before trump had accused Mexico of failing to stop illegal immigrating and drugs to enter the US. So why is ammo so defensive ?  that’s a question we are all asking ourselves now but ultimemetly we cant forget that trump hasn’t made any restrictions to the immigration process, people can still go and apply for a visa to come to the estates LEGALLY, the door is always opened as long as you cross it by the right terms. Who would want to welcome anyone who did “ inappropriate” things to get the results they wanted. Is that unfair? Let us know on our social media page!

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