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Mercedes-AMG ‘Project One’ Hypercar Gets Matching Speedboat

Luxury automobile owners are often broad-spectrum connoisseurs; last year, we covered a story about a Lamborghini owner who designed a speedboat to match his Aventador. Perhaps he was inspired by the eight custom speedboats that had arisen out of Mercedes’ collaborations with builders.

As a strategy, such cross-pollination can provide very effective brand exposure; the one context nourishes the other, and lots of green grows as a result. In that spirit, Mercedes-AMG has introduced a ninth speedboat to shout the Mercedes-Benz gospel. This one is a match for the Project One hypercar.

The Formula 1 association came standard equipment with the Project One; the new addition to the image profile is competitive speedboat racing. The Project One has already sold out, but that’s no reason to not keep it in the news, and Mercedes-AMG with it. Enter the 515 Project One, a sleek, silver speedboat that enhances the reputation of its automobile twin, and Mercedes-AMG F1 racing to boot.

The German automaker partnered once again with Cigarette Racing to build the speedboat. The 515 Project One boasts two twin-cam V8 Mercury Racing 1,350/1,550 engines capable of producing a total of 2,700 horsepower with a top speed of 140 mph.

The sleek vessel is crafted from Kevlar and fiberglass and sports a silver paint job with matte black accents to match the Project One hypercar. The interior gets a luxe-sporting treatment, with Dinamica fabrics and a lot of carbon fiber.

Fit for up to six people, the 515 Project One speedboat is a great partner to the impressive Project One vehicle…and awfully smart advertising, too. Pricing for the limited-edition boat isn’t available to the public, but interested customers can receive more information on request.

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