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Hiller Dry Goods Celebrates the Beauty of the World’s Money with Currency-Inspired Throw Blankets

Courtesy of American Luxury

Nothing comforts like cash. In the spirit of that sentiment, Hiller Dry Goods has designed a unique new collection of cotton blankets inspired by the money of nine different countries.

Hiller found inspiration from a variety of banknotes in developing the designs for the 52in x 70in, 100% cotton blankets. Each piece is woven on a jacquard tapestry loom in North Carolina, and the level of craftsmanship is clearly manifested in each design.

The Austin-based company zoomed in on specific patterns and shapes found on the various bills’ faces to create the unique designs. It’s easy to imagine any one of these pieces in a minimalist home, serving as a simple and stylish statement piece.

Owner Nick Hiller developed the collection to pay homage to the ancient business of utilizing textiles as currency, and each blanket offers a thoughtful reference to the antiquated tradition.

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